It’s The Last Day Of Our Challenge!

Hello Everyone! How are you? Today is the last day of our 30 day challenge! Can you believe that it is almost the end of January already? Unbelievable right? So tomorrow is our final weigh in day! Let me know how you did on the challenge once you weigh in on Friday morning! I can’tContinue reading “It’s The Last Day Of Our Challenge!”

No Excuses Let’s Finish Strong!

It’s Day 28 of our 30 Day Challenge!  What is going on in your diet & exercise world? I hope all is well & that you are staying focused on meeting your goals. We literally have 3 days left so do what you need to do in order to finish strong! As for me thisContinue reading “No Excuses Let’s Finish Strong!”

Don’t Let The Weight On The Scale Discourage You From Moving Forward! Let’s Go!

Great day it’s Day 24 of our 30 day challenge and we are getting down to the wire! It’s the morning after weigh in day. So how are you feeling? How did weigh in day go for you? Well for me it went pretty good. I lost 2 more pounds! Yay! So I know mentallyContinue reading “Don’t Let The Weight On The Scale Discourage You From Moving Forward! Let’s Go!”

Don’t Quit – Let’s Get It!

Hey guys it’s Day 22 of our challenge! I hope it’s going well! Don’t forget Thursday morning is weigh in day! This will be the last weigh in before our final weigh in on January 31st! So use this weigh in to gauge where you are and let it motivate you to go hard forContinue reading “Don’t Quit – Let’s Get It!”

Don’t Stop Keep Going!

Hello Everyone! It’s Day 21 of our diet & exercise challenge! I hope you are staying focused and making progress on a daily basis. How are things going? Well I found an awesome article that will bring inspiration to you in case you are in a rut! We are on the last leg of theContinue reading “Don’t Stop Keep Going!”

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