Happy Hump Day! It is day 2 of our 30 Day Challenge & I am so excited about it! I am looking forward to what this month is going to bring as we make healthy choices, become more active & get an adequate amount of sleep! But…. first things first! You HAVE to start this challenge with a belief that it is possible, that YOU WILL be successful on this challenge, that YOU CAN do it! Every venture & every challenge worth starting must begin with FAITH. Faith believes, Faith speaks, Faith works! Speak it, believe & let’s put our faith to work during this challenge by sticking to the food plan, exercise & sleep plan for this month.

Today I declare and pray for everyone taking part in this challenge, that you will be successful on this challenge, that you will be able to lay aside every weight that will try to hinder you from making progress this month. When I speaks of weights I am talking about bad habits, unhealthy food choices, inactivity, unbelief, low self-esteem, impulses, proclivities, ANYTHING that would try to get in the way of your progress this month.


Do me a favor get a piece of paper and write in the center of it  “I CAN DO IT!” Look at the example I have provided in this picture above. Put “My 30 Day Challenge” at the top and what your starting weight is. Beside that write the words “Final Weight” so when the challenge is over you can put your final results in. Feel free to write any other inspirational phrases that motivate you below “I CAN Do It”.  Write what your weekly weight loss goal is at the bottom right hand corner of the page and on the left hand corner write “Week 1 actual:” and so on for 4 weeks so you can document the actual weight you lost each week of the challenge. We will weigh in weekly on Tuesday mornings to measure our progress.  Once you have completed this tape it on your mirror in the bathroom or somewhere you visit often in your house like the refrigerator (lol) so you are constantly reminded of your goals for this month.

The main point of the post today is show the importance of faith in this process and the importance of goal setting and measuring your progress. These in addition to you implementing your plan will help ensure you are successful on this 30 day challenge. I am praying for you and I am believing with you that YOU CAN DO IT! Make sure you let me know if you are taking this challenge with me this month so I can pray for you by name. Send me a message or email me at put “30 Day Challenge” in the subject line or you can just respond to this post.

Let’s get it!

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