Do You Know Your Health Status? Find Out Why This Is Important!!!

Happy Thursday! It is day 3 of our 30 Day Challenge!!! How is it going so far? Have you weighed yourself and set your goals for this month? If not get on it and look at my blog post from yesterday for goal setting ideas & motivation:

Today I want to talk about knowing your health status! It is so important to understand the factors that contribute to our ability and inability to lose weight. There are varying factors including genetics, environmental factors, habits, diet, exercise and your individual current health status physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually etc. I believe that is important to take a holistic approach when looking at your health.

Today we are going to start with your physical health picture. It is critical that you go to the doctor and have your yearly health examination/physical done. You need to know your status. In fact TODAY I am going to get my physical done. I can’t wait to get my results back! Why? So I will know what action I need to take to either improve or maintain the status that I have. Hopefully I will hear good news that my Blood pressure, A1C, Cholesterol, Iron, Thyroid…etc levels are normal. But you won’t know unless you go!

2 years ago I found out why I was having a problem losing the weight that I had set my goal to lose as a result of having my physical done. I found out that my thyroid levels were not normal, as a result I went to see a Thyroid Specialist. They did their exam and found out that I had tumors on my thyroid that I later found out were benign (THANK GOD) but I still had to take action and get my thyroid removed. After my thyroid was removed I had to begin taking a prescription thyroid hormone. To date I have been on 3 different types to find the right one that will work best for me. Because of my thyroid levels not being normal I hit a metabolism wall that could not be overcome with food or exercise. But I did not give up after 2 years today I am finally at a normal level and so NOW I can go back to my 30 day challenge and see some results.

After 3 days on the challenge I have already lost 3 pounds! Listen the plan works but you have to work the plan, you have to be consistent, you have to be vigilant and know your health status. I hope this post encourages you to go get your physical and to stay on top of your physical health. Why? Because YOU ARE WORTH IT! So what now?

Let’s get it!

Eat clean & train mean!

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