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Happy Tuesday All! It is day 6 of our 30 day challenge! How are things going? Are you eating clean? Are you getting in exercise daily? Are you getting 7-9 hours of sleep daily?  Are you eating ORGANIC? As promised I said I would dedicate a post specifically to answer the question of why we should begin eating organic. Believe me I know the struggle of eating clean & organic, it is definitely a more expensive way of life but I say you will either pay now or pay later. Invest in your health don’t sell yourself short in the quality of food that you feed yourself and your family. There have been many studies that show organic food is more nutritious than regular food. Here are some reasons to consider switching to organic food.

  1. Research shows that organic vegetables and fruit are higher in vitamin C, antioxidants, and the minerals iron, magnesium calcium and chromium.
  1. Organic food is also free of neurotoxins that comes from pesticides sprayed on fruit and vegetables. Neurotoxins damage brain and nerve cells.
  1. Organic food supports the growth of children’s brains and bodies. Children’s growing brains and bodies are more vulnerable to toxins than adults. Choosing organic helps feed their bodies without the exposure to pesticides and GMOs (genetically-modified organisms).
  1. Organic food is real food. 20% of all genetically-modified seeds (and therefore foods that grow from them) are engineered to produce their own pesticides. Research shows that these seeds may continue producing pesticides inside your body once you’ve eaten the food grown from them…Unbelievable…
  1. Organic food tastes a lot better than non-organic fruit.


  1. Organic food is not exposed to gas-ripening like some non-organic fruits and vegetables (like bananas).
  1. Eating organic may reduce your risk of getting cancer! The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) considers 60% of herbicides, 90% of fungicides, and 30 percent of insecticides potentially cancer-causing. I truly believe that the increased rates of cancer are linked to the use of these carcinogenic pesticides.
  1. Eating organic meat drecreases your exposure to antibiotics, synthetic hormones, and drugs that find their way into the animals and ultimately into you.

Read more reasons to eat organic at http://www.organic-food-for-everyone.com/why-eat-organic-food.html
Now that you know the facts about organic food, what are you going to do?

Eat Organic! Now that’s the right answer! Let’s get it!!!

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