Finding time to exercise is a challenge in and of itself. I know it can be hard to get it in daily but if you want to see change occur in your BMI or your weight and most importantly your health you’ve got to make getting exercise a priority. I generally try to get my workout over and done with first thing in the morning but this week I’ve only been able to achieve that once!!!! So then you have to come up with Plan B if Plan A fails. So I moved my workout session to my lunch time twice this week. Well today both Plan A & Plan B failed so I had to go with Plan C working out after work once the kids were fed and homework was complete. Exercise at times can be a moving target just because our days can be so unpredictable but always have a back-up plan in mind. The benefits of exercise is worth the effort, worth the sacrifice, you either pay now or suffer the consequences of not exercising later. The Power of NOW is limitless never put off for tomorrow what you can do today! You are worth it Love believe me!!! 🙌 I know you CAN do it! Let’s get it!!!

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