Our August 2020 Challenge Starts Tomorrow!!!

Hello August 2020!!! Can you believe we only have 5 months left in this year??? Well it’s a fact so now it’s time to get on track and work to achieve our goals for 2020. We start tomorrow, August 2nd. Check out the details for the challenge at http://www.monicaakerele.com.

I have launched a YouTube channel called Choosing Healthy with Monica Akerele. Please click the link below to go to my YouTube channel and subscribe today and please share it with your friends and family. Thanks for your support and I look forward to sharing more relevant content to help make Choosing Healthy a lot more motivational and empowering for you!

Let’s CHOOSE to make August 2020 Healthy!!!

Let’s Get It!!! 🔥🔥🔥

For motivation on your keto, intermittent fasting and exercise journey follow my blog at http://www.monicaakerele.com

Disclaimer: Always get your doctor’s approval before embarking upon a ketogenic, intermittent fasting and/or an exercise regimen. This is not a substitute for professional medical, nutritional or exercise advice this is for motivational and educational purposes.


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