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The Benefits Of An Elimination Diet! Take It From Me!!! 

Happy Friday!!! Check out the latest #TGIF video below. Weigh in is tomorrow! Let’s finish the last 10 days of this #30DayChallenge strong!!! Also check out the link below for information on the #EliminationDiet from #DrAxe and why its critical to find out what foods you may be allergic to or sensitive to so you can help eliminate inflammation in your body!!! Inflammation is the breading ground for diseases such as IBS, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, insulin resistance, arthritis, allergies, obesity and so much more. Reduce inflammation and you will reduce your odds of getting these diseases. #LetsGo #Roadto40 #Goals #GetFit #EatClean #Exercise #DontGiveUp #Fitness #Motivation #Blog #Organic #NonGMO #Fit #Healthy #FinishStrong #KeepPushing

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