Are You Ready To Get It In This Month?

Welcome to a NEW month and a NEW 30 day challenge for the month of February! I don’t know about you but January went by way too fast! How did things go for you last month? Did you make some new years resolutions or set some goals for this year? Were you able to execute them without falling off of the wagon? Well my dear whether you did or not today is a new day and a new month so let’s do a RESET!!! Forget what happened in January and renew your faith for this month. Get back on plan and let’s do what needs to be done to get closer to meeting our goals. 

This month I really want to focus on eating more Organic/Non-GMO foods and staying away from foods that cause inflammation in the body. Inflammation actually makes it harder for you to lose weight. So here is a food plan that focuses on reducing inflammation by focusing on eating anti-inflammatory foods, its called Whole30. If you really want to go hard with me this month then check it out. I’ll be doing a combination of this and intermittent fasting. Check out the Whole30 food list/program here: Whole30-program-rules !!!!

Whatever food plan or eating pattern you plan to do this month please stay committed to getting 7-8 hrs of sleep daily, exercising 3-5 days a week, reducing stress and staying away from processed & GMO foods. Collectively it will truly make a big difference in your overall health! 

Let’s get it! 

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