Your journey to weight loss starts here! Let’s go!!!


Happy Monday! It’s Day 23 of our challenge! So we are literally on the last week of our challenge. How are things going? Have you been able to get your exercise in & tracking your meals on MyFitnessPal? If not what challenges have you been running into? Please remember to weigh in on the scale in the morning to see what progress you have made so far. If you feel you have not made much progress send me an email at and let’s try to work through it together. Please begin thinking about what tips, exercises, meal ideas, motivational pictures/quotes and website links you can post on this page tomorrow for Knowledge Sharing Tuesday. I would like for everyone to participate as this will help motivate all of us on our weight loss journey. Remember a journey begins with one step so keep stepping, eat clean – make better food choices, exercise for 30-60 minutes at least 5 days a week & sleep for at least 6-8 hours daily. Most of all rely on the strength of God to empower you through this process & remember you are not alone. We are all on the same team… All 200+ of you! Much love to you. Let’s finish this last week of the challenge off strong! You can do it!

Let’s Go!!!

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