What Are You Thankful For? Scale and Non-Scale Victory Updates and More!

HAPPY THANKFUL THURSDAY Keto Family! What are you thankful for today??? I’m thankful that I’m not gaining ANY weight during this pandemic and I’m so glad that you all are on this Keto, Intermittent Fasting, Exercise and Self-Care journey with me. It’s time for our 2nd weigh in for this month’s challenge! Let me know what scale and/or non-scale victories or challenges you’ve experienced so far this month!

Continue to manage what is going on in the inside of your house and change the atmosphere so that its conducive for you to still achieve your goals. Create space for working out, carve out time for you to relax and get the necessary sleep, get rid of any snacks/sweets/carbs that will hijack your progress. You’ve got this Keto Fam!!! Lastly I want to share with you a quick 15 minute workout video that you can add to your exercise arsenal. It’s called Kukuwa African Dance Workout from #KukuwaFitness:

Let’s finish this month strong Keto Fam!!!  Make a decision and declaration TODAY that you are not going to gain the #Quarantine5 #Quarantine10 #Quarantine15  #Quarantine20 nor the #Quarantine30! We are going to finish this Spring Season 2020 lighter and healthier than when we started it! AMEN??? 🙏🏾

Let’s get it!!! 🔥🔥🔥

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Disclaimer: Always get your doctor’s approval before embarking upon a ketogenic, intermittent fasting and/or an exercise regimen. This is not a substitute for professional medical, nutritional or exercise advice this is for motivational and educational purposes.

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