Finish February 2019 #Keto Strong!!!

Happy Saturday!!! It’s officially the weekend and it’s the last week of our February Keto and IF challenge!!! How did week 3 go for you? Let me know how it went! Well lets plan to finish the last week of this Keto and IF challenge strong so we can meet our February goals!!!

Here is a quick video that I want you to check out by Thomas DeLauer, a fitness professional and diet expert on YouTube. He explains why most people gain weight after dieting. This may provide you with some tips to keep you from rebounding weight in the future. Afterall we are all in it for a lifetime of healthy eating, active living, consistent exercise, less stress and adequate sleep so we can have lasting results that are no longer temporary! Declare with me today that “Rebounding weight is over for ME, when I lose weight I will KEEP it off permanently!” 💯 Only BELIEVE! Let’s get it! ❤

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