Your March 2019 #Keto and Exercise #30DayChallenge Starts Today!!!


HAPPY SATURDAY!!! Welcome to our March 2019 #Keto and Exercise #30DayChallenge!!! Are you ready to join me on this motivational journey to losing weight & getting healthy? If you are, weigh in TODAY and join me on this month’s 30 Day Challenge! Go to and follow my blog on my website at for the details! This challenge also includes a Vegan option.

Are you still on the fence about shifting to a Keto diet? According to the US News & World Report for 2019, the Keto Diet ranks #2 behind the HMR diet for the “Best Fast Weight-Loss Diet” (See the other diet rankings here:

Implementing a ketogenic and active lifestyle will be helpful in you achieving your weight loss and health goals. This 30 day challenge includes 5 core areas of impact:

1) Ketogenic diet

2) Intermittent fasting (8 hour eating window of 12pm-8pm, 11am-7pm or 10am-6pm)

3) Consistent Exercise 3-5 days a week

4) Reducing Stress – #SelfCare is a must!

5) Getting adequate sleep daily (at least 7-8 hrs daily)
As an important reminder and disclaimer please consult with your medical doctor for approval before starting this or any other diet, 30 day challenge and/or fitness program.

Are you READY??? Let’s get it!!!

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