Can I Testify? You Definitely Need To Read This!


I just feel the need to TESTIFY!!! 2 years ago I embarked upon this weight loss journey… It was the year that I lost 63 pounds in 6 months back in 2013. Some of my biggest motivations for going on this journey was to get healthy, to develop a healthy BMI, to be able to be more active with my children and to prevent the onset of the diseases that have claimed the lives of my family who have come before me. My grandmother Delia Emma McDowell Hawthorne Moore died back in December of 1970 due to complications related to Diabetes. Because of that I never got the opportunity to meet her during my lifetime because she had already died before I was born… She took insulin during the 2nd half of her life to try to regulate her blood sugar levels in the end it was that disease that took her out. Since then that gene has passed down to Dad and some of his children… As a result it became my life’s mission to stop Diabetes from knocking on my door.

Even after losing the weight I had a full physical done and found that I had developed pre-diabetes. Literally on the borderline of being diagnosed with Diabetes! I can’t lie that shook me to my foundation and I realized that I really needed to do something different to stop it from becoming my reality. I had taken a break from the 30 day challenge and begin to focus on my diet and health overall. I became a student of diet and exercise. I resumed the 30 day challenge in March 2015 and decided that I was going to really take ownership of my health. After making diet changes and losing 30+ pounds in 2015 I decided to be retested for Diabetes! Yesterday I got the results from my doctor & guess what she said??? I am no longer on the borderline, I no longer have pre diabetes… To God Be ALL The Glory!!!

When I tell you that you don’t have to lay down and accept the chronic diseases that have attached itself to your bloodline with God’s help you can not just beat it but DEFEAT it! When I tell you that you CAN do ALL things through Christ that strengthens you its not just a motto, a mantra or a inspirational phrase that I’m throwing out to motivate you. It is the Truth!!! God’s word is true. I’m a living witness! Now tell me your story. What can I believe God with you to defeat? Let’s get it!!!!

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