It’s Our Final Weigh In Day!

Happy Monday! Today is our final weigh in day!!! Weigh in first thing today or tomorrow morning and let me know how you did for the April 30 day challenge! I lost 7 pounds during the April challenge month!!! It was a hard month but if you put your foot down and stick to the plan the results will come. Are you ready for our next 30 day challenge? The next one begins tomorrow, May 2nd! 

Go to http://www.monicaakerele.wordpress.com for the details of the challenge. I will be adding an option that is more hard-core for those of you who have reached a plateau in your weight loss!!! It’s called the Keto or Ketogenic (fat burning) diet. I’ll explain more about it in an upcoming blog post. I hope you will join me! Make this week healthy & active! I look forward to hearing from you!!!

Let’s get it! 

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