The Struggle Is Real But You Can Still Lose Weight!


It’s weigh in day & day 16 of our #30DayChallenge! How did it go? What progress have you made so far? I want each of you to send me a status on where you are. Even if you have not lost any weight I want to know what is going on with you. If there are any barriers or issues we will deal with them.

Whatever barriers are in place we have to tear them down. We may have to get creative with our approach & it might require some sacrifice but nothing happens with out consistent effort being made on your part. I won’t front this is not easy even for me LOL. However I am in this to win this battle over obesity & so are you!

You don’t have to stay victim to the lies that say you cannot do this my friend. I know you can! Believe me if I can you can too & that’s not just a cute catch phrase. That’s real! You see I have been obese since the age of 8. I don’t know what it’s like to be under 200 pounds. So I know the struggle. The struggle is real! But by God’s grace & consistent effort at the end of this challenge I will meet that milestone & so will you!

So let’s get it!
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