Push Through The Excuses & Exercise! Let’s go!


It’s Day 10 of our challenge & the answer to this question is always yes!!! If the truth be told you can’t afford not to exercise. With the rise in healthcare costs the cheaper option is to make your investment up front in healthy foods, time spent exercising, gym memberships, personal trainers, exercise DVDs etc… I found myself pushing through the excuses not to exercise this morning but thank God the fight & the determination in me won.

It also helps knowing that I have a workout partner that is in it to win it too. When you have days like this where you are questioning whether you should exercise let your answer be a resounding yes and get added motivation from someone who can hold you accountable with your exercising. This person could be someone who also wants to lose weight or get fit or someone who has already traveled down the path you are now on. That person is key to your success so take full advantage of the support that person can provide! Take the time to secure your accountability partner today! So now there are truly No Excuses! We have 20 days left!

Let’s go!
Monica Akerele

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