Plan So You Can Have A Winning Weekend!!!

Happy Friday Everyone it’s Day 12 of our challenge and I am TGIF!!! How is the 30 Day Challenge going for you? What exercises are you doing? What new healthy recipes have you used or meals have you been coming up with? Well we are going into the weekend. This is the time where it is the hardest to stay on track especially if you have been invited to a dinner, a baby or bridal shower, or wedding. What is your plan when you get there? I highly recommend for you to come up with a plan and to stick to it when you get there. For example if you are planning to go to a restaurant try going to their website and seeing their meal options and see if they have the caloric values available online. If not then go to MyFitnessPal to track it in advance so you can make sure you stay within your calorie budget.

Remember mindless eating is the greatest enemy to your progress. Your success in weight loss is anywhere from 70-80% diet and the rest is exercise. If you fail to plan then baby you plan to fail and I know that each and everyone of you are winners so Let’s get it!!! Plan & Stick to the plan. Now let’s have a great & healthy weekend!

Let’s go!
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