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Exercise Is Important… Get It In Early!


Happy Wednesday! It’s Day 10 of our #30DayChallenge & I want to know how your weigh in day went? Send me a message letting me know how you are doing! My tip for you today is to try to start your day off by exercising if at all possible. That way you can get it finished and you can move on with your day. I know it’s challenging to get up early in the morning but I promise you if can you get started it will make a big difference in helping you to be more consistent with working out. There have been many times where I had good intentions to work out after work but had to end up working late or something else came up that kept me from being able to go to the gym. But those days are over now because I am making the sacrifice and the commitment to get it done in the morning. Thank God for the grace to do this on a consistent basis! What about you?

Let’s get it!!! 🙂
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