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It’s Knowledge Sharing Day – What has worked for you?


Good morning Everyone! It is Day 23 of our challenge & its weigh in day as well as knowledge sharing day! Weigh yourself this morning or first thing Wednesday morning & let me know how you are doing on the challenge so far!

What tips, meal ideas, healthy websites or exercise routines have you implemented that has been working effectively for you? I personally have been doing a 10 minute warm up either on a treadmill or elliptical trainer,  then doing strength training anywhere from 12-30 mins targeting a different body area each day. Then I exercise on an elliptical trainer for 30-60 mins. It just depends on the day & how much time I have to work with. What about you? I wonder who will win the photo shoot prize from the Antidote Creative Group? Check out Emmanuel Threatt & Adrienne Threatt photography work at

Work hard these next 7 days and the winner could be you! Let’s go!!!

#30DayChallenge #eatclean #exercise

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