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Happy Monday!!!! It’s Day 9 of our #30DayChallenge how are things going? I hope you are staying on track and doing what is necessary to meet your goals! For a reminder of what the challenge is go to for the details! Guess what? I’m inspired today! Let me tell you why. I saw on Time Warner Cable News that a 93 year old woman, Harriette Thompson(will be turning 94 in March) is training to run in a marathon. She has had cancer 3 times and is still training for another marathon. She set the record for being the oldest woman to ever run in a marathon when she was 92 years old. To her age is truly nothing but a number!

What things do you need to push through to get up, active and focused on meeting your goals? Let this inspirational story inspire you to not give up, to keep pressing forward and to achieve the goals you have set for yourself. Nothing is impossible for you if you believe and put your faith to work! Read her story in the Charlotte Observer link below.

Let’s go!!! 🙌

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