Please Buy Organic or Non-GMO. Your life depends on it! Read Why Here!!!

Happy Saturday! It is day 14 of our 30 day challenge! Can you believe that we are almost halfway through it already? How has it been going? Have you been sticking to eating clean, exercising, getting adequate sleep and reducing stress? Well I know it is not easy but I promise you it is worth it. Get ready for our weigh in tomorrow. Weigh first thing in the morning and let me know how things are going!!!

TODAY I want to give you the tools you need to make a permanent shift to eating organic and/or Non-GMO foods. 

 Please check out this video below from Dr. Axe – & Jeffrey M. Smith –  that they published this week on YouTube. 

“GMO Side Effects with Jeffrey Smith”

For a more extensive look at why you should stay away from GMOs check this movie out on YouTube. Here is the link to it below. 

“Seeds of Death: Unveiling The Lies of GMOs”

When you watch these videos you will understand why I preach eating clean, organic and Non-GMO. Most people say to me Monica I can’t afford to eat clean, but I say you can’t afford NOT to. It’s either you change your food or you will end up on prescription meds or hospitalized for chronic diseases that have manifested in your body due to consuming GMOs and processed foods. According to various scientific research some of the effects of consuming GMOs are as follows cancer, tumors, infertility, reproductive issues, endocrine dysfunction, thyroid dysfunction, ADHD, Autism and so much more. Click the following link for a more extensive list of the impacts of GMOs on your health:

Please make the switch! As I stated in the title of this post your life depends on it! 

For your convenience I have included below a link to the list of the GMO foods to avoid and helpful shopping tips to avoid GMO products. Also look for organic and Non-GMO food labels like this.

Let’s go!

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