We Are Half Way There! Don’t Quit!!!


Happy Monday Everyone!!! I hope your week is off to a great start! It is Day 15 of our 30 day challenge!!! So you know what that means… Yes it’s time for our weekly weigh in! Get up Tuesday morning and weigh yourself. Please follow-up with me to let me know how your 2nd week went whether or not you lost any weight or not. 🙂

So we are halfway through the challenge! Usually at this point you either give up or make a decision to dig in deep and go get it! I hope you will do the latter! Believe me it’s not too late in this challenge to turn things around. If you have not been on point for the 1st half of this challenge do not quit, don’t you dare give up, in fact forget about the last 2 weeks and let’s begin again today & let’s move forward together! Believe me my friend you are worth it!!!

Let’s go!

-Monica Hawthorne-Akerele

Published by Monica Akerele, MSW, LMSW

I AM because of God's LOVE and GRACE! Licensed Master Social Worker, Singer/Songwriter, Motivational Speaker, Blogger & Self-Care Strategist

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  1. I am sure everything is progress along for everyone splendidly. Do what you can to accelerate to your goals. Walk an extra mile, eliminate any cheats, add in a probiotic, what ever you can to get to the Better You!
    Clifford Mitchem
    Advocare Distributor
    Nutrition + Fitness = Health

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