Are You In It To Win It? Save This Date!


Great Day Everyone!  How is everyone doing now that the challenge is officially over? How did the challenge go for you? Send me a personal message to my email at or you can reply to this post. I’ve heard some great stories so far of both successes and challenges on this last #30DayChallenge! Just know that where ever you fall in that spectrum that you can begin again so don’t you dare get discouraged and give up! 🙂

The next challenge begins on Monday, February 10th! So try not to go overboard with the sweets, white starches and junk food over this break. Try to still get exercise in as well. But when February 10th gets here let’s get ready to buckle down & work!!! Feel free to invite your family and friends to take the #30DayChallenge with you as well. Accountability & Support is key on this journey. Are you in it to win it?

Let’s get it!!!


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