The 30 Day Challenge Begins!!!


Great Day Everyone! I’m excited to announce that our next #30DayChallenge starts tomorrow!  Monday, February 10th!!! I hope you are onboard and ready to go hard on this next challenge! Here are the details!

The goal for this challenge is to eat clean that means no processed foods. Here are the acceptable foods for this challenge: 

1) Lean meats including chicken, turkey & lean cuts of beef and pork. Turkey or Pork Bacon with no Nitrites or Nitrates. Target & Trader Joes sells this as well as Whole Foods Market. You can also have Greek Yogurt & Eggs.
2) Vegetables
3) Fruit
4) Beans, peas, hummus
5) Nuts
6) Drinks: Water, unsweetened almond milk, whey or soy protein for a breakfast shake or smoothie, coffee & hot tea. You can drink coffee or tea without a sweetener or you can use 1-2 teaspoons of honey as your sweetener. But limit it to once per day. On this challenge I really want to eliminate all artificial sweeteners as studies suggest that they are more harmful to your health as originally suspected. Strive to drink at least 1 gallon of water per day or more!

Let’s get it!!!

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