I lost 63 pounds in 6 months! You’ve got next!


Amazing Success
Wow these last 6 months have been amazing!  It’s hard to believe that I’ve gotten to this point! The good news is I am not done! I’m on a mission to losing 100 pounds in 1 year or less! With 37 pounds left to go I’m very hopeful that I will be able to step up to the challenge to get it done! My goal for my last challenge that I completed was to work on tightening up and not gaining any weight during the holidays!  So by that standard this was a successful challenge! 

My Secret To Weight Loss
The secret to my weight loss is really simple in theory actually. I eat clean with a diet that consists of only lean meat, vegetables, fruit, nuts, unsweetened almond milk, water,  mean green juice (occasionally) & beans. No processed foods & no added sugars. I pretty much eat nothing out of a box or a fast food drive through.  In addition to that I exercise at least 5 days a week for 45-75 minutes per day depending on my schedule.

2 Essential Elements Of My Success
The other essential keys to my success has been prayer & accountability! After years of trying to lose weight and failing miserably each time I knew I had to do things differently this time.  So I enlisted the help of the one who holds the blueprint of my design…God. The Bible says that “With God nothing is impossible” So I prayed for his help to strengthen me for this weight loss journey and He has in fact done that & has blessed me with a support team consisting of my husband Stephen Akerele & my mentors Brigida Mack, Gregory (at Planet Fitness) & Melanie Scott. As well as accountability partners Shayla Scott, Stacey Joseph & 250+ people taking the challenge with me on Facebook,  My Family, Instagram,  MyFitnessPal and at Christian Faith Assembly Church www.cfaministries.org I couldn’t ask for more & it’s been a blessing to hear all of  the praise reports of weight loss transformations,  healthy habits being formed, health improvements & Higher Self Esteem that has come about through the implementation of this process.

The Next Challenge Begins January 1st
With the new year approaching I thought it would be awesome to start on New Years Day! Not for new year’s resolution sake but because it symbolizes a new start, new possibilities,  & a new year. The theme for this year’s challenge is Getting Fit & Eating Clean in 2014.  Do you want to transform your health picture for the better in 2014? Well I urge you to join me on this next challenge. Believe me you can do this! If I can do it you can too! If you are interested in being a part of this next challenge send me an email at: info@monicaakerele.com

*Stay tuned for news regarding the winner of the last challenge! They will be winning a free photo shoot that will be taken in Charlotte NC by Antidote Creative Group. To learn more about their services check them out at:

Let’s go!
30 Day Challenge

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