Day 8 – What Is Your Plan Of Action?


Happy Monday Everyone!!! Its Day 8 of our 30 day challenge! It’s also time for our 1st weigh in!!! Tuesday I want you to weigh yourself in the morning after you have used the bathroom. Send me a message at and let me know how you did weight loss wise. Even if you did not lose any weight I want to hear from you to see how you are doing and to see what advice I can give to help you along the way. So you have officially completed the 1st week of this challenge! Now that’s awesome! How did your 1st week of eating clean go? My first week was challenging but I made it through!!! All I know is quitting is not an option for me. What about you? What is the one thing you will do differently this week that will ensure that you will have a successful week this week? As for me my plan for success is to plan for my meals in advance and to stick to that plan, no deviations & absolutely no substitutes! Share with me your plan of action and let’s get it!!!

-Monica Akerele
30 Day Challenge

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