Shopping Tips To Ensure Your Weight Loss Success!


Great Day Everyone! I hope you plan on making it a great day! It is officially Day 12 of our 30 day challenge! It’s hard to believe that it’s actually been 12 days already! So how are things going? Are you staying committed to the plan? I sure hope so! So since it’s Sunday I thought it would be appropriate to speak to the importance of staying completely stocked with healthy foods. So here are some tips!

1) Go shopping weekly:
Because you are eating clean you will want to shop once a week and get enough for at least 7 days. Especially because you want to make sure you have everything you need to have a successful week. Also you don’t want to go beyond a 7 day supply so you can ensure that your food supply does not go bad.

2) How you shop in the grocery store is key:
When you’re shopping you want to make sure that you only go around the perimeter of the store in other words stay on the outside lanes moving from the deli section to the fruit & vegetable section, the meat section the dairy section and on to the freezer section for frozen fruit and vegetables. With the exception of going to the aisle for beans, nuts, olive oil, peanut/almond butter, packaged fruit & etc. that is on your approved 30 day challenge food list.

3) Why is this shopping process so important?
The reason this is key is so you will always have an ample food supply of healthy food on deck to reduce the temptation to get unhealthy food on impulse. If you get tempted you can go in your fully stocked food pantry and grab something that can satisfy that craving guilt free.

4) One final but important note:
As important as it is to ensure that you have and keep a healthy food supply on a weekly basis it is also equally important to make sure that you purge your house of unhealthy food. If it is in your house that is going to be a source of temptation. So completely purge your house of any temptations that could possibly get you off track! Let’s have a successful week. You CAN do it!

Let’s go!

Published by Monica Akerele, MSW, LMSW

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