I Won’t Go Back & Neither Will You! Throwback Thursday!


Happy Thursday! It’s Day 18 of our challenge! It’s also “Throwback Thursday” and I thought I would do something a little different today. Here is a picture that is a complete throwback for me. This was me 5 months ago… I refuse to get back to this person that I used to be. This person was 100 pounds overweight, always tired, in pain, borderline depressed with low energy & low self-esteem. I made the decision 5 months ago to leave that person behind & as one of my favorite worship Artists William McDowell stated in his song “ I won’t go back”, the lyrics ring true today that “I won’t go back, can’t go back to the way it used to be before…” Today is a new day & it all began with a desire to change, a made up mind, faith in God’s ability to strengthen me through this process, a plan, execution of that plan and here I am 5 months later, I am leaner, more energetic, healthier, stronger, & more confident. God is ABLE! Hang in there my friends & don’t stop until you reach your goals! Feel free to post some of your throwback pictures. Let it remind you why you started this in the first place and to celebrate how far you have come. God bless!

Let’s Go!
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