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What Is Your WHY?

As you go about this Keto 30 Day Challenge always keep in the forefront your WHY, the reason why you are on this healthy, fitness and/or weight loss journey. Your WHY matters! 💯 Let it propel you forward and motivate you to do what’s necessary in order for you to see results. My WHY is the prevention of diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, cardiovascular disease, etc, and to reverse obesity. Other reasons include wanting to be around to see and play with my great great grandchildren and to give God glory with my body and my life by being intentionally healthy so I can completely fulfill his call and purpose for my life before I die with NO limitations! Respond in the comments what your WHY is!!!

Lets Go!

For motivation on your diet and fitness journey follow me on my blog at http://www.monicaakerele.wordpress.com

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