What Are Your Exercise Goals?


Happy Hump Day!!!How are things going?! Well its Day 10 of our #30DayChallenge & I don’t know about you but I’m turning up my workout for the last 20 days that we have left on this challenge. What are you going to do differently to ensure you meet your goals for this challenge?

I absolutely recommend you getting a workout partner that will challenge you and not be a yes man or woman but will push you to stay consistent with working out and will challenge you to go above and beyond an ordinary workout.  For some of you that may mean getting a personal trainer,  or a gym membership like Planet Fitness for $10 a month where you can get a personalized workout plan with an onsite trainer.

As for me I have a friend who is also in it to win it in this war over obesity  and that is Shayla Scott. She pushes me to get it in when I don’t want to! Yes even I have days, weeks and months where I’m just not feeling it. Lol. I just have to keep it real but accountability helps keep you in check and ensures you stay successful!  So what is your accountability plan? Let me hear from you!!! 

Let’s get it!!!
Monica Hawthorne-Akerele
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One thought on “What Are Your Exercise Goals?

  1. Good job! Keep turning up the intensity! Complacency is the killer of motivation.
    I personally tutor and train a youth group on health and fitness along with their studies. Knowledge and motivation are our weapons.
    Clifford Mitchem
    Advocare Distributor
    Nutrition + Fitness = Health

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