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Planning: The key to your success!


It’s Day 3 of our challenge and I want to hear from you! How is everything going? Have you been able to eat clean & exercise consistently? I hope yes but if not what barriers are hindering you from making this happen? I’ll tell you one thing that is going to be key on this weight loss journey & that is consistent planning. In order to be successful on this challenge you have to plan & pack your meals, snacks and solidify your exercise time a day before. This will help ensure that you set yourself up to be successful daily. One of my favorite sayings is if you fail to plan then you plan to fail. So set yourself up to win!!!

Let’s go!
30 Day Challenge

2 thoughts on “Planning: The key to your success!

  1. Hi Akerele,

    I have been eating better but I haven’t been exercising due to having a respiratory infection. I am eager for it to be over so I can really get to work. Thanks for checking in and the encouragement


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