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Weigh In On This!!!

It is Day 8 of our 30 day challenge & its also Weigh In Day! Weighing in weekly is very important to see how much progress you are making. Many times when we weigh in & depending on what the scale says we will either get encouraged or discouraged. If the scale says we have lost weight we get excited & encouraged but when it says we have gained weight or stayed the same we usually get discouraged. I would encourage you not to allow the scale to get you down but to use it as a tool to encourage you to take it up a notch! Use the scale to your advantage in gauging whether what you are doing is enough to get you to a place of progress on your weight loss journey. Don’t let discouragement allow you to fall out of the race, no keep on going!!! Let it ignite you to be a little more aggressive. You may need to add a little more time to your daily workout or maybe even add an extra day to workout. Also take a look at your portions to ensure you are not over doing it and make sure you are tracking your meals, drinks & snacks daily and staying within your calorie(MyFitnessPal) or points(Weight Watchers) allotment for the day. Whatever you do don’t give up, stay consistent & stay the course we’ve got somewhere to go & some goals to meet! Let’s Get It!!!


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