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Change Your Mind – Change Your Life!!!


Happy Monday Everyone! It’s day 8 of our 30 day challenge!!! I know I have been quiet lately but I promise you that you all have been in my thoughts and prayers! It’s been an extremely busy time for me singing wise but I’m checking in today to let you know I am still on the path with you to getting fit and eating clean. I was able to get a hour workout in today! What about you? How are things going for you on the challenge? Well I hope its going well but if its not I want to encourage you today to get back on track and don’t you dare give up! If you want to see change happen it has to start in your mind. Then you have to change your confession from no I can’t to yes I can! Then you put what you believe into action. Create an action plan for exercise and be consistent. Then plan your meals and snacks ahead of time and pack it the night before you go to work. Last but definitely not least put God in the mix. Ask him for his grace to become more disciplined. You CAN do this!!! Let’s get it!!!!
#30DayChallenge #EatClean #Exercise #Faith #Believe #Discipline #ChangeYourConfession

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