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You Are A Winner!!!


Happy Tuesday!!! It’s Day 16 of our 30 Day Challenge and its Weigh In Day! Yay!!! You are officially more than halfway through the challenge! Well today I weighed myself and I have lost a total of 8.2 pounds in the first 2 weeks of this challenge!!! Now that is EPIC!!! I know the reason is I have stepped up my game in exercising and in sticking to eating healthy snacks in between meals. Snacks, Potato chips, Candy, & Desserts can sabotage your efforts on this challenge so replace those snacks with healthy snacks like baby carrots, almonds, cashews, Chobani greek yogurt, celery, steamed edamame with sea salt, cucumbers or carrots dipped in hummus, fresh or freeze dried fruit etc…

Remember this REGARDLESS of what the scale says don’t allow the number to move you mentally or emotionally. Sometimes it can be a distraction to see a different number on the scale that you hoped would be there and allow it to sway your emotions, which may lead us into feelings of frustration, guilt, anger, or even defeat. But remember this you are not a number on the scale and it cannot measure or define your success. Your success in this challenge is measured by your willingness to improve by implementing healthy lifestyle changes one day at a time. Even a small change in your daily intake of food and/or an increase of exercise is a reason to celebrate. So if no one else has ever told you, or at least told you today, I would like to tell you that you are beautiful or handsome if you are a man (lol) and you are a winner!  Stay focused and be encouraged because you CAN do this!

Let’s go!!!

#30DayChallenge #EatClean #Exercise #LetsGetIt

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