I Have A Confession!!!! Can I Trust You With It?


Happy Friday Everyone! It’s Day 5 of our 30 Day Challenge and I have a confession… Can I trust you guys? We’re all in this together right? I knew you guys were trustworthy that’s why I love ya’ll! Ok so here it goes, I had a semi-stressful day yesterday and I just wanted a big slice of cheesecake! You know the giant slices from The Cheesecake Factory??!! Yes!!! Why is that every time we seem to get stressed, usually one of the first things we want to do is eat? It’s like a natural reaction! Well let me tell you guys something, the devil is a liar! He was lying at the beginning of time and he still lies today! So you know what I had to do? I had to take that luscious image of that grandiose cheesecake and pull it out of my head, throw it on the ground, and stomp it with my size 11 shoe! Needless to say it experienced a horrible death!

What am I trying to say in all of this? There will be days when we will experience stress and a great temptation to emotionally eat as a result in order to cope but we have to make a choice. Do I make the choice to give in to my stress and allow stress, food, and emotional eating to control me? Or do I make the conscious choice to finally take a stand over any negative eating habits I may have and allow my stress to be subject to healthier food options, exercising, and a certificate of completion that reads “This certifies that (Insert Your Name) has SUCCESSFULLY completed all self-clinicals on Emotional Eating.” I chose the latter and my hope is that you will too! Remember it’s simply about replacing a bad habit with a good one. I chose to go harder in the gym as my stress relief or to go out for a walk & pray instead of doing a drive by Mickey D’s! What do you choose? It’s only a battle of the mind! Make the decision today to stay on course! Remember we are in this together. I know EXACTLY what you are going through but We CAN do this!!!

Let’s get it!!!

Published by Monica Akerele, MSW, LMSW

I AM because of God's LOVE and GRACE! Licensed Master Social Worker, Singer/Songwriter, Motivational Speaker, Blogger & Self-Care Strategist

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