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Accountability is an important key to your success!


Happy Wednesday Everyone!  It’s Day 17 of our challenge! Today I would like to stress you the importance of having a support team that can help you to stay on track. One support person needs to actually be a workout partner.  This will help keep you accountable to someone regarding your workouts and diet. I have a team of about 4 people  who hold me accountable in some way. This has gone a long way in my success so far. Find someone asap to do this with and if any of you are Planet Fitness members in Charlotte NC we can definitely arrange a meet up to workout. 

Also I will be interviewing with Brigida Mack today on First at 4 on WBTV news. This picture of me & Brigida is from my last interview with her at 40 pounds lost. I’m excited to share with her my journey thus far & hopefully motivate others to join the movement with us as well. Tune in to Channel 3 WBTV news from 4-5 today to see my interview! Remember this It’s never too late to get fit! You can do it!

Let’s go!

30 Day Challenge
Monica Hawthorne-Akerele

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