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Day 4: The Power of Planning!


It’s Day 4 of our challenge & I am so excited about this step you are taking to being a healthier you! How many of you know that this won’t happen through osmosis! It takes deliberate and active participation on your end to make this happen. One of the keys to starting any venture whether its starting a new business, working towards a goal or becoming healthy is to have a plan! A popular saying is if you fail to plan then you plan to fail. I don’t want any of you to fail so I highly recommend on this challenge that you plan each day the night before. Plan your meals, plan your snacks & plan your exercise. Pack your meals & snacks before you go to bed so you can just grab them & go on your way out. Plan what time you will exercise during the day and stick to it. What good is a plan if you don’t stick to it right? If you do this it will go a long way in ensuring you stay on track & will help you to avoid the land mines of the fast food drive thru or being struck with a craving but no healthy snack option to grab. So in a nutshell there is power in planning and with the consistent implementation of that plan, you cannot fail! Let’s Go!!!

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