Warrick Dunn Charities #GivingTuesday Series Part 3

Homes for the Holidays is the flagship program at Warrick Dunn Charities (WDC). The focus is on providing a hand-up – not a handout – to single parents and their children. Single parent families (who are actively working to support themselves) are surprised with home furnishings and down payment assistance. In short, with the help of donations from individuals like you, WDC works with local partners to turn houses into homes for single parent families.

WDC has helped 184 parents nationwide achieve first-time homeownership, and there is more work ahead. To learn more about how you can help break the cycle of generational poverty, follow us on Instagram and on Facebook. You can also visit at www.wdc.org.

Also, today is the Marine Corps birthday and tomorrow is Veterans Day, so I want to take this opportunity to thank the men and women who have served or are current members of the armed forces for their service to our country.


Find out more about Warrick Dunn Charities by visiting http://www.wdc.org. You can also donate to the non-profit organization at

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