Don’t Get Off Track! Stay On Course!

Sometimes on your journey to weight loss you encounter detours on the road that unexpectedly either gets you off course or delays your progress. Can I get a witness? (LOL) Yes I know there are many that can attest to this! This week has been an interesting one for me & probably my most challengingContinue reading “Don’t Get Off Track! Stay On Course!”

Yes You Can! The Power of Your Words!

When it comes to exercise and changing your eating habits a lot of us get stuck at the words “I can’t do it”! Well I hate to burst your proverbial bubble but Yes You Can! Nothing is impossible for you if you believe. I would encourage you today to change your mind & change yourContinue reading “Yes You Can! The Power of Your Words!”

Help! Motivate Me To Lose Weight!

I know each of us have been here at the place of discouragement & apathy concerning changing our eating & exercise habits. We have all tried to search for the motivation to get back into the game and finally be consistent on this journey to weight loss. So today I want to try to motivateContinue reading “Help! Motivate Me To Lose Weight!”

The Power of Setting Goals! Let’s Go!

What goals do you have? Are they specific? Are they measurable? Are they written down? Setting goals are necessary in order for you to measure whether you are arriving at your destination or not. What goals do you have? This is true in any area of your life but as it relates to weight lossContinue reading “The Power of Setting Goals! Let’s Go!”

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