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Happy Monday Everyone! It’s Day 9 of our 30 day challenge & the answer to this question is an unequivocal yes!!! If the truth be told you can’t afford not to exercise. With the rise in healthcare costs the cheaper option is to make your investment up front in healthy foods, time spent exercising, gym memberships, personal trainers, exercise DVDs, FitBit devices (Surge, Charge etc…). I have to push through the temptation and the excuses not to exercise everyday! It is a fight for your life, literally. Exercise is anywhere between 20-30% of what aids in weight loss & your food intake/sleep is the other 70-80%. All 3 elements are key in you seeing lasting results.

Right now I am on vacation and I promise you the last thing that I want to do is exercise BUT if I want to keep from gaining weight while on vacation I’ve got to get it in at the gym or outside. Saturday and Sunday I did a walk/run on the beach and it was a great workout, sweat and all. I plan to get in some swimming today and more walk/running on the beach. I have to give props to my husband for challenging me to do that. I believe having a workout partner is essential to helping you stay motivated to exercise daily but they have to be in it to win it too!!! When you have days like this where you are questioning whether you should exercise let your answer be an uncompromising yes and get added motivation from someone who can hold you accountable with your exercising. This person could be someone who also wants to lose weight or get fit or someone who has already traveled down the path you are now on. That person is key to your success so take full advantage of the support that person can provide! Take the time to secure your accountability partner today! So now there are truly No Excuses! We have 21 days left on our challenge!!!

Let’s get it!
Monica Akerele

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The Secret to Successful Weight Loss!

After 4 - 30 Day Challenges!
After 4 – 30 Day Challenges!

The end of my 4th 30 Day challenge has come and now I have lost a grand total 54 pounds! As you can see from my before, middle and after picture I have come a long way with my weight loss results. The funny thing is I can’t even take the credit for it. Sure I played a part but I have a great support team! My absolute #1 is God. He has strengthened me for my journey. Each day I draw on the Grace of God to enable me to say no to foods that are not healthy for me and to say yes to exercise & yes to fresh fruit and vegetables! I also have a very supportive husband Stephen Akerele who has given me space to work out each morning and on the weekends. He also has gladly switched to eating clean without any protest! With his support and his gentle push I have been motivated to continue.

I also have an awesome personal trainer Michelle(MJ) @juiceoutnc on Twitter who has helped to take my work out to the next level. Her website is . I have 2 great workout partners who have been in the thick of it with me in the gym – Stacey Joseph Harris & Maceo Harris. You guys are absolutely awesome! My Sister & Friend Melanie Scott helped to keep me accountable & motivated when I first started this journey, that alone helped tremendously to help create disciplines that have helped to sustain me to this day. Brigida Mack’s weight loss journey has also inspired me on my journey. She has a great TeamNoSugar challenge that helped to jumpstart me on my path to wellness. Check out her #TeamNoSugar blog at Last but definitely not least I have had a group of over 170 determined men & women taking the 30 Day challenge with me, this also includes my Mom & my Sister Eula Hawthorne & Sharolyn Rainey! This group also includes the WGIV Shake It Up show listeners that have been following & joining me on my weight loss journey for the last 2 challenges. I give a weekly 30 day challenge update on the show on Mondays. This show regularly airs Monday, Tuesday & Friday from 9-10am weekly with one of the hardest working female Radio Show Hosts S.P. Gallman. This show airs in Charlotte & surrounding areas on 103.3FM & 1370AM. This group also includes my Blog following on WordPress at They Rock! My Group’s dedication to walking on this journey with me has been beyond spectacular & awe-inspiring. The steps they have taken to get in control of their diet and to implement exercise on a consistent basis is mind blowing. They have had individual successes of losing 3-23 pounds in a 30 day period. Their success is my success & I could not be any prouder. I provide them with support, motivation, resources & accountability to help them on their journey, but they in turn push me to stay in this fitness race and to continue to walk out this healthy lifestyle.

This in a nutshell is the secret to my success thus far. I still have 46 more pounds to go so this journey to lose 100 pounds is not over! What I know for a fact is it takes prayer. It takes faith. It takes God’s grace. It takes the renewing of your mind. It takes a village. It takes support. It takes accountability. It takes consistency. It takes hard work. There are no short cuts… I encourage you to take care of your body, to take proactive control of your health, to eat clean, to exercise & to get at least 6-8 hours of sleep daily. You have only one body on this earth that you receive at birth and will leave at death but what you do with it while you are here is up to you. I hope you will choose life, a healthy one that is…

If you are interested in joining me on my next 30 Day challenge of which starts on Monday October 14, 2013 email me at and reference the 30 Day Challenge in the Subject Line. Please also follow me on my blog at to keep up-to-date with my weight loss journey and to help give you motivation for your own journey to great health. Let’s Go!

Much Love!

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Don’t Get Off Track! Stay On Course!

Sometimes on your journey to weight loss you encounter detours on the road that unexpectedly either gets you off course or delays your progress. Can I get a witness? (LOL) Yes I know there are many that can attest to this! This week has been an interesting one for me & probably my most challenging week to date. I have been running into the challenge of time or the lack thereof that is. Each day this week I have had a full & relentless schedule, thus the time I would have spent working out or planning has been sucked up by activities! I am not making excuses I am just telling it like it is. So now I am making the decision to take my time back!

What can we do to successfully manage & prioritize our time in such a way that we don’t put ourselves last?

1) Start each day with prayer – Ask God to help you prioritize your day so you can get it all done.

2) Write down or type in your plan for today – Use a day planner with hour slots or your Smartphone/Tablet/Google Calendar etc… & Set Reminders!

3) Execute the plan – Flex in case roadblocks come in your way & re-schedule it in a different slot

4) Reflect on your day at the end of it & see what you can do to manage your time better the next day.

5) If your day does not go as expected Never Give-up! Try again the next day!

The most important take away from this is to make your time to exercise, juice, plan meals etc. a priority. You have set goals to meet & in order for you to meet them you have to work towards it. Take this time for yourself, YOU ARE WORTH IT!

Let’s Go!

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January 2019 Mid-month Check in and #Keto Tips!!!

Happy Hump Day All!!! Today is day 15 of our January #Keto 30 Day Challenge and it’s time for our mid-month weigh in! We are officially 15 days in and we have 15 more days to go! Let me know how the 1st 2 weeks have gone for you!!! What successes and challenges have you had so far? What do you think you will need to do differently in order to maximize your goal attainment for this month? Here are some ideas that you can try!

  • Consistent exercise
  • Drink water (with 1 tsp of lemon juice and/or apple cider vinegar w/the mother)
  • Cut out sugar and high carb food/snacks
  • Get more sleep
  • Reduce stress
  • Believe & confess with your mouth that you CAN do it!!!
  • Get a partner who will hold you accountable!
  • Try intermittent fasting (daily 8 hour eating window of 12-8pm, 10-6pm or whatever works with your schedule)
  • Stick to Keto!

Lastly here is a YouTube video from Dr. Eric Berg. He is sharing some additional keto diet tips to help you to kick your fat burning into high gear.

Let’s get it!!!

For motivation on your diet and fitness journey follow me on my blog at

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What Is The Word That Embodies Your Why For Keto and Exercise?

Happy Hump Day Everyone!!! It is day 8 of our Keto Diet and Fitness #30DayChallenge!!! We have officially completed one full week!!! How did the first week go? What challenges and successes have you experienced so far? What questions do you have?

Today I just want to make sure that you have identified your why for taking on this challenge. The reason I am asking is because it is your why that will keep you grounded, motivated and will catapult you to your desired end goal. My why summed up in ONE word is Healthy. I want to be healthy in every area of my life so I can be actively engaged with my family, make an IMPACT in my sphere of influence, to fulfill my God given purpose for living and to live long enough to be actively engaged with my grandchildren, great grandchildren and beyond. All of these things cannot be done well if I’m not healthy.

So my ask of you today is to identify your why and embody that why in ONE word. This will help you to focus on meeting your goals!!! Write this word on a sticky note and put it on your bathroom mirror so you can be reminded daily! If you don’t mind sharing type your ONE word in the comments below or send me a personal message.

Let’s get it!!!

For motivation on your Keto diet and fitness journey follow me on my blog at

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Our January 2019 #Keto Diet and Fitness #30DayChallenge Starts Today!!! Let’s Get It!!!

Welcome to our January 2019 #Keto and #IF #30DayChallenge! I know you are ready to get this year started off Healthy and STRONG 💪🏾🏋️‍♀️🏃🏾‍♀️!!! We will eat a Ketogenic diet that includes eating clean with no processed foods & no added sugar or starches. The macros for the Keto diet include 75% fat, 20% protein & 5% carbs.

You can utilize the MyFitnessPal app to keep track of your daily macro intake. This means eating moderate amounts of lean protein, generous amounts of healthy fats including nuts and seeds, coconut oil, olive oil, avocados, grass fed butter and more. We will also eat vegetables & low glycemic fruit such as blueberries, raspberries and strawberries!

If you want to take your fat burning regimen to the next level eat your meals during an 8 hour window(12-8, 1-9 or 2-10). The benefits of intermittent fasting is life changing and I am a witness as I’ve lost weight, my cholesterol numbers are normal and I no longer have pre-diabetes!!! Our other goals for this challenge is to exercise (3-5 days weekly), eliminate/reduce stress in your life and commit to getting at least 7-8 hours of sleep daily! In addition I recommend you switching to eating organic and/or Non-GMO food. Below are labels that show you how you can identify foods that are organic and/or Non-GMO.

As always consult your doctor before beginning this or any other diet or fitness regimen.

For motivation on your diet and fitness journey follow my blog at:

Let’s get it!!!

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Happy Healthy New Year 2019 – Our Keto #30DayChallenge Starts Tomorrow!!!

Happy Healthy New Year Everyone!!! I’m so excited about starting this January 2019 Keto diet and fitness #30DayChallenge with you tomorrow (January 2nd)!!! Many of you have called, texted, or messaged me on Facebook about starting this challenge and I’m so excited about you being a part of this awesome #30DayChallenge group. With that being said this is going to be an ACTIVE and EFFECTIVE year of goals being met, health issues ceasing because of the decision you have made to eat clean, intermittent fast, exercise, eliminate stress in your life and committing to getting more sleep!

If you are still on the fence about starting this challenge do what you can. Start small by committing to exercising at least 30 minutes or more per day for at least 3-5 days per week and by eating clean (eliminating sugar, starchy carbs and all processed foods).

Let me know if you are with me by responding to this post or by sending me a personal message by saying, I’M IN! Click on my blog website link below for the full Keto 30 day challenge details!

2019 is going to be OUR healthiest year ever!

Let’s get it! 💯

***As an important reminder please consult with your medical doctor for approval before starting this or any other diet, 30 day challenge and/or fitness program.***

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2019 #Keto #30DayChallenge Starts January 2nd!!!


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What Are Your 2019 #Goals?

What are your goals for 2019? Set them now and make plans to execute them in 2019! Seize the moment and achieve your goals. YOU are WORTH it!!! 💯❤

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