Our 2023 ❤️ Heart Month Self-care Challenge Has Begun!

Happy National Heart Month 2023!!! Are you ready to start this month off on a heart-healthy note? If yes, join us for this month’s self-care challenge! The goal for this 2023 Heart ❤ Month Self-care Challenge is to focus on developing sustainable heart-healthy habits and be consistent with them such as getting at least 30 minutes of exercise or activity like walking at least 3-5x weekly, eating clean low-carb foods (prioritizing eating non-gmo and/or organic food when possible), getting at least 7-8 hours of sleep daily and practicing intentional self-care daily. In addition to that, I challenge you to Choose Healthy by reducing or eliminating high-carb/sugary processed foods and eliminating snacking in between meals. Lastly, be on the lookout for more blog posts on this platform and my social media platforms, Instagram: @monicaakerele, and on YouTube: @ChoosingHealthy which will focus on more heart-healthy tips! ❤

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Why Practicing Intentional Self-care Is Critical

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My 70-pound weight loss!

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Disclaimer: Always get your doctor’s approval before embarking upon a low carb diet and/or any exercise regimen. This is not a substitute for professional medical, nutritional or exercise advice this is for motivational and informational purposes only.

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