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Finish February 2019 #Keto Strong!!! — February 23, 2019

Finish February 2019 #Keto Strong!!!

Happy Saturday!!! It’s officially the weekend and it’s the last week of our February Keto and IF challenge!!! How did week 3 go for you? Let me know how it went! Well lets plan to finish the last week of this Keto and IF challenge strong so we can meet our February goals!!!

Here is a quick video that I want you to check out by Thomas DeLauer, a fitness professional and diet expert on YouTube. He explains why most people gain weight after dieting. This may provide you with some tips to keep you from rebounding weight in the future. Afterall we are all in it for a lifetime of healthy eating, active living, consistent exercise, less stress and adequate sleep so we can have lasting results that are no longer temporary! Declare with me today that “Rebounding weight is over for ME, when I lose weight I will KEEP it off permanently!” 💯 Only BELIEVE! Let’s get it! ❤

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TGIF! We Are Halfway There!!! #LetsGo — February 15, 2019

TGIF! We Are Halfway There!!! #LetsGo

#TGIF!!! Today is day 15 of our February #Keto 30 Day Challenge and it’s time for our mid-month weigh in! We are officially 15 days in and we have 15 more days to go! Let me know how the 1st 2 weeks have gone for you!!! What successes and challenges have you had so far? What do you think you will need to do differently in order to maximize your goal achievement for this month? Here are some ideas that you can implement.

  • Consistent exercise/steps daily
  • Drink sufficient water (try it with 1 tsp of lemon juice and/or apple cider vinegar w/the mother)
  • Cut out sugar
  • Eliminate high carb food
  • Eliminate snacking
  • Get more sleep
  • Reduce stress
  • Believe & confess with your mouth that you CAN do it!!!
  • Get a partner who will hold you accountable!
  • Try intermittent fasting (daily 8 hour eating window of 12-8pm, 10-6pm or whatever works with your schedule)
  • Stick to Keto & IF!!!

Lastly here is a YouTube video on intermittent fasting and how it can help with fat loss.

Let’s get it!!!

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1 #Keto Week Down, 3 More to Go!!! Let’s Get It!!! — February 7, 2019

1 #Keto Week Down, 3 More to Go!!! Let’s Get It!!!

Happy Thursday!!!! How is everyone doing??? We are 7 days into our February 2019 #Keto and #IF #30DayChallenge already! Weigh in tomorrow morning and see how much progress you have made! We will be weighing in weekly to monitor our progress. Let me know how things are going.

Also check out this youtube video below from Dr. Josh Axe who is one of the foremost experts in keto, intermittent fasting and in natural medicine. I think its key that we learn these intermittent fasting tips so we can be successful in achieving our weight loss goals!!!

Let’s get it! 🏃🏾‍♀️🏃🏾‍♂️👊🏾

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Don’t Give Up: #HumpDay #Keto #MOTIVATION! — February 6, 2019
Your February 2019 Keto 30 Day Challenge Starts TODAY!!! — February 1, 2019

Your February 2019 Keto 30 Day Challenge Starts TODAY!!!


TGIF!!! Welcome to our February 2019 #Keto #30DayChallenge!!! Are you ready to join me on this motivational journey to losing weight & getting healthy? If you are, weigh in TODAY and join me on this month’s Keto 30 Day Challenge! Go to and follow my blog on my website at for the details! This challenge also includes a Vegan option. 

Are you still on the fence about shifting to a Keto diet? According to the US News & World Report for 2019, the Keto Diet ranks #2 behind the HMR diet for the “Best Fast Weight-Loss Diet” (See the other diet rankings here: Also check out this documentary called “The Real Skinny on Fat: The Truth About Weight Loss”, that features Naomi Whittel, Montel Williams and a plethora of doctors and health/diet experts. This is a MUST see that will open your eyes as to why obesity, heart disease, diabetes and other chronic diseases have grown to epidemic proportions in the United States and why the Standard American diet (SAD) is at the root of it all. 

Please take some time over the weekend to watch this. I promise you it will reignite your motivation to make some radical changes in your food choices that will help propel you into achieving your weight loss and health goals.

Let’s get it!!!

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The Final Weigh in for January 2019 #Keto #30DayChallenge is Tomorrow!!! —

The Final Weigh in for January 2019 #Keto #30DayChallenge is Tomorrow!!!

Happy Thursday All! Today is the last day of our January Keto 30 Day Challenge!!! Are you ready for our final weigh in? We will weigh in tomorrow!!! We will also start our February Keto and intermittent fasting challenge tomorrow as well! I look forward to seeing what progress you have made this month. If you didn’t get Keto in with us this month think about joining the February Keto Challenge! Check the link out below for details!

Let’s get it!!!

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