Finish January 2018 Strong!!!

Happy Monday! How are you doing? Well we have 3 days left in our January Keto 30 Day Challenge!!! Are you ready for our final weigh in? We will weigh in on February 1st and also start our February challenge on that same day. I look forward to seeing what progress you have made thisContinue reading “Finish January 2018 Strong!!!”

Another Reason to Let Sugar Go!!!

Check out this article that goes into the correlation and linkage between sugar intake and Alzheimer’s of which has been coined Diabetes Type 3. This is another great reason to reduce or eliminate your sugar intake! For motivation on your diet and fitness journey follow me on my blog at #SayNoToSugar πŸš«πŸ’― #KetoContinue reading “Another Reason to Let Sugar Go!!!”

What Is Your WHY?

As you go about this Keto 30 Day Challenge always keep in the forefront your WHY, the reason why you are on this healthy, fitness and/or weight loss journey. Your WHY matters! πŸ’― Let it propel you forward and motivate you to do what’s necessary in order for you to see results. My WHY isContinue reading “What Is Your WHY?”

Just Say NO to GMOs!!!

Check out this urgent article written by Responsible Technology on the impact of #GMOs on your health! Included is access to a research study that explicitly examines this issue. This is why I stress the importance of the use of organic & non-gmo food & products! Read and be motivated to make changes to yourContinue reading “Just Say NO to GMOs!!!”

Happy #SnowDay! What’s on Your Plate??

Happy Snow Day! Many of you who are in the south are in for the day because of the snow that #SnowStormInga has been dropping in our region all day! So tell me what is on your plate TODAY? Here is a picture of my lunch! A spinach salad with cashews, English cucumbers, avocado, cilantro,Continue reading “Happy #SnowDay! What’s on Your Plate??”

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