TGIF 11-17-17 #30DayChallenge Video Update!

#TGIF!!! It’s Day 17 of our #Keto #30DayChallenge! How are you doing? How did this past week go as you continued to implement your goal attainment strategies? Check out the TGIF video below for your weekly update and #motivation on your #diet and #fitness journey! Our 2nd weigh in will be on 11/20/17! I lookContinue reading “TGIF 11-17-17 #30DayChallenge Video Update!”

TGIF Day 10 Weigh In! Set Goal #2!

Happy Friday & TGIF! Today is day 10 of our Keto 30 Day Challenge and it’s our 1st weigh in for this month! 10 days down and 20 more to go! Let me know how you did with that #One goal you focused on during the 1st week of this month’s 30 day challenge. NowContinue reading “TGIF Day 10 Weigh In! Set Goal #2!”

TGIF 11-3-17 Edition! It’s Goal Setting Time!!!

TGIF!!! It’s thank God I’m getting fit Friday!!! It is day 3 of our Keto diet & exercise 30 Day Challenge!!! What is that ONE change that you can commit to this month (Thanksgiving day will be the exception!) that will help you to achieve your health, weight loss or fitness goals? Respond to thisContinue reading “TGIF 11-3-17 Edition! It’s Goal Setting Time!!!”

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