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I Have A #Confession To Make!!! ðŸ’¯

Happy #LaborDay to EVERYONE in #Canada and in the #USA!!! Hopefully you actually get to take this day off and rest! Well my friends on this #MotivationMonday I have a confession to make… I got it in on this weekend! Not at the #gym but in the kitchen. I could NOT say NO to this delicious #NigerianFood! #PuffPuff #Plaintains #Fish #Chicken #FriedRice #EgusiSoup It was AMAZING!

But guess what? I have absolutely NO regrets!!!💯 Why? Because today is a New day baby and I’m back on my #KETO #30DayChallenge! BUT, you best believe I will be hitting the gym HARD once I get back to the USA!!! 💪🏃‍♀️ The point I want to get across to you today is. Live your life! Eat well (Don’t go overboard lol) when you are at family/friend celebrations but when the celebrations, cookouts, birthday dinners and wedding receptions end get back on track! Celebrate & rejoice with those that rejoice but when it’s done REGULATE your plate!!! 💯 Let’s get it!!! BTW!!! I’m 5 days away from my 40th birthday!!! I gotta make it count! Keep a Sista lifted (Pray)!!! 🙏 #LetsGo #GetFit #Fitness #Motivation #Healthy #Blog #FitMom #Exercise #NoStress #Sleep #Goals

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