#TGIF #Keto Progress Update!!!

TGIF! It’s Thank God I’m Getting Fit Friday!!! Here is a quick Keto 30 day challenge update!!! So far I have lost one pound a day since we started this challenge on Sunday!!! Please believe me when I say KETO WORKS!!!💯Tomorrow is our 1st official weigh in for this month’s challenge. Weigh in first thing tomorrow morning and let me know your progress either by responding to this post or by sending an email at monicaakerele@gmail.com. Put in the subject line Weigh In Day Update!!!

Here are some awesome Keto resources that I ran across!!!

Keto Calculater:

To determine what your macros should be. It’s  customized according to your weight and goals.  


An in depth #Ketogenic #Ketosis website:

To help you understand the science behind why this is a successful method of weight loss, not to mention its ability to help reverse Type II Diabetes & other metabolic diseases. 

Keto App: 
Total Keto Diet – Tons of Keto Recipes
I’ll share more Keto Apps once I’ve checked out more. 

Remember I am not a doctor. I only sharing what has worked for me. Please consult your Doctor before starting this or any other weight loss program! 

What questions do you have? Respond to this post or send me a private message.
Make this weekend great, active and keto healthy this weekend!!! Don’t forget to weigh in first thing tomorrow morning and let me know how you are progressing! 

Love y’all!!! 

Let’s get it!!! 💪🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️💯🙌
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