#TGIF Thank God I’m #Fit!!!

TGIF!!! It is day 25 of our 30 Day challenge!!! Tell me what is your #Exercise plan for today??? Check out this video I recorded today after my morning #run for some added #motivation to get active today. Remember the goal is #fitness. It’s not an event we plan for, it is a lifetime journeyContinue reading “#TGIF Thank God I’m #Fit!!!”

Reduce Your Sugar Intake! Find Out How…

Happy Monday! It is day 21 of our #30daychallenge and I want to share this awesome article I ran across with you today. ​Check out these 14 ways to stop eating a lot of sugar from http://www.authoritynutrition.com! It gives several #healthy alternatives to reduce your sugar intake. Reducing/eliminating sugar will help boost your weight lossContinue reading “Reduce Your Sugar Intake! Find Out How…”

Which Mode Are You In? #BeastMode vs. #GraceMode

Did you wake up in #BeastMode as it relates to meeting your diet and fitness goals today? Beast Mode is defined as “Superhuman state of being, in which animal instinct takes over mind and body.” (Definition source from <http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Beast%20Mode&gt; ) I don’t 100% flow with the definition that the Urban Dictionary gives for this but I understand theContinue reading “Which Mode Are You In? #BeastMode vs. #GraceMode”

It’s A #Fitbit Day Baby!!! 

Happy Tuesday!!! We are halfway through this month’s 30 day challenge! So weigh in & let me know how you are doing!!! What is your exercise & meal plan for TODAY?  Here is a pic of my breakfast smoothie! It has mixed berries, almond milk, Hemp protein, flax seeds, chia seeds and a teaspoon ofContinue reading “It’s A #Fitbit Day Baby!!! “

It’s Monday!!! Let’s #HIIT It!!!

Happy #Motivation Monday! It’s day 14 of our #30daychallenge!!!  I can’t believe that we are almost halfway through this month’s challenge. I hope all the Mothers enjoyed your Mother’s day yesterday. Amongst all the gifts you received the best gift that you can give yourself is the gift of getting fit. All of us areContinue reading “It’s Monday!!! Let’s #HIIT It!!!”

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