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Final Weigh In Day For March 30 Day Challenge! — March 31, 2017

Final Weigh In Day For March 30 Day Challenge!

TGIF! Today is the last day of MARCH! I can’t believe April will be here tomorrow! So you know what that means! Tomorrow is our final weigh in! Weigh in first thing tomorrow morning and let me know how you did! Are you ready for our next 30 day challenge? The next 30 day challenge will begin tomorrow on Saturday, April 1st! We will continue to eat Non-GMO! Go to to get the details of our next 30 day challenge! I hope you will join me! Make this weekend healthy & active! I look forward to hearing from you tomorrow!

Let’s get it! 

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If You Change Your Mind You Will Change Your Life! — March 21, 2017

If You Change Your Mind You Will Change Your Life!

Happy Tuesday Everyone! It’s day 21 of our 30 day challenge!!! Today is our 2nd weigh in day for this month’s challenge!!!! I lost 2.5 pounds. How many pounds/ounces did you lose? How are things going for you on the challenge? I hope its going well but if it’s not I want to encourage you to get back on track TODAY and don’t you dare give up! If you want to see change happen it has to start in your mind. Then you have to change your confession from no I can’t to YES I CAN! Then you put what you believe into action. Start off slow then pick up the pace as you continue to move forward. Progress happens over time and is not a one and done. So don’t get stressed out when you don’t see immediate results. Create an action plan for exercise and be consistent. Then plan your meals and snacks ahead of time and pack it the night before you go to work. Last but definitely not least invite God to begin this journey with you. Ask him for his grace to become more disciplined. This has been the key to my weight loss success! I’m praying for each and everyone of you!!! You CAN do this!!! So what will you do differently today to ensure your success on this challenge? I want to hear from you!!! Let’s get it!!!! 💪

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Weigh Day & Weekend Fitbit Challenges!!! — March 11, 2017

Weigh Day & Weekend Fitbit Challenges!!!

Happy Weigh In Day!!! We are 1/3 through this month’s 30 day challenge! Today is our 1st weigh in day for this month! We will do a total of 3 weigh ins (once every 10 days) during this month’s challenge.  So weigh in & let me know how you are doing!!!

So what is your exercise & meal plan for the weekend? All my Fitbit warriors need to either start a weekend/workweek/daily Fitbit challenge or participate in an existing one. Feel free to invite me and I will join you! Most of you should have gotten a Fitbit challenge from me on your Smartphone! Respond to this post with your food and exercise plan. 

This weekend I want you to write down your goals/plan for next week. Get your organic/Non-GMO shopping in and execute the plan next week! Earthfare is having an awesome Buy One Get One Free Sale this weekend only & Aldi/Trader Joes always has a better price on organic and Non-GMO food. So do you want to see some results in the 2/3rds stretch of this challenge? I thought so!!! Well lets put in the work for the next 10 days! Let’s get it in this weekend! 🙌 I’m believing and praying for your progress! LET’S GO! 🏃

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It’s Time to Step It Up! Let’s Go!!! — March 6, 2017

It’s Time to Step It Up! Let’s Go!!!


Happy Monday! It is day 6 of our 30 day challenge and I am ready to get it in this week!!! What about you? I want to challenge you to step it up a notch this week. What do you mean Monica? Well I’m glad you asked!!!!

Step it up with:

  1. Exercise – Be consistent this week! Stick to your exercise plan!
  2. Diet – Eat clean, no processed foods &, no added sugar & no starchy carbs!
  3. Meal planning – Plan ahead & Cook ahead.
  4. Get an extra hour of sleep tonight. Turn in earlier to ensure you get at least 7-8 hours of sleep each day this week.
  5. De-Stress! Think about integrating aromatherapy into your health plan, invest in a diffuser and begin diffusing some therapeutic grade or organic grade essential oils such lavender, orange, peppermint, lemon, etc… Take a relaxing bath, go get a pedicure, go for a walk/run, pray. Practice a perpetual state of gratitude. As long as you have breath in your body that is more than enough to be grateful for. Call a friend that will uplift you and not bring you down. Read the Bible and/or some other inspirational book that will augment you towards your personal goals. Volunteer in the community. Connect with or any community service organization in your community and begin volunteering.
  6. Make a specific PLAN this week and schedule your exercise accordingly
  7. Get a workout partner and hold each other accountable
  8. If you haven’t had a physical/lab work done in over a year make an appointment today so you can know your health status (Blood pressure, A1C, Cholesterol, Thyroid and etc..)
  9. Think positively & profess I am statements daily. I am successful, I am healthy, I am consistent, I am going to exercise today, I am going to eat healthy today. I am going to meet my weight loss goals. Your words shape your life. Speak by faith what you want to see in your life. Throw those negative thoughts and confessions out of the window of your life forever!
  10. Last but not least! Don’t give up! You are worth this investment. Love yourself enough to see this process through to the end.

Let’s get it in this week!!!

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Our March 2017 #30DayChallenge Starts TODAY!  — March 1, 2017

Our March 2017 #30DayChallenge Starts TODAY! 

Welcome to March 2017 Everyone! I’m so excited about starting this month off right with you on this 30 Day Challenge! When you make the decision to join this challenge you are making the decision to eat clean (no processed food & no added sugar or starches), exercise (3-5 days weekly), eliminate/reduce stress in your life and commit to getting at least 7-8 hours of sleep daily! 

If you are still on the fence about starting this challenge do what you can. Start small by committing to exercising at least 30 minutes or more per day for at least 3 days per week and by eliminating all processed foods. 

Let me know if you are with me by responding to this post or by sending me a personal message by saying, I’M IN! Click on my #blog website link below for the full 30 Day Challenge details! 

Let’s get it in my friends! Let’s make this month GREAT, HEALTHY and ACTIVE! Let’s go! 💪 

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