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Stay Away From These 10 Harmful Ingredients! — February 28, 2017

Stay Away From These 10 Harmful Ingredients!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!!!! Today is the last day for this month’s challenge! I can’t believe that March will be here tomorrow! Well you already know the drill! Tomorrow will be our final weigh in day for the February #30DayChallenge  and our 1st weigh in day for March! Let me know how you did this month. I want to hear the good, bad and the ugly! 🙌💪
As a bonus check out this video from Dr. Axe ( ) below. It is a must see!!! It is talking about 10 ingredients that will  destroy our health “IF” we continue to consume them. So please look at it and eliminate this from  your diet and your life! So you can save your life! You have way too much to live for! Our new challenge starts tomorrow! No added sugar for month of March! Are you with me??? Let’s get it!!! 💪

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To Be or Not To Be MOTIVATED!  — February 22, 2017

To Be or Not To Be MOTIVATED! 

Happy Tuesday!!!! It’s day 21 of our 30 day challenge! How are things going with you on the challenge? I pray things are going well. Well I know sometimes you can get discouraged on your fitness journey. Every one of us at some point have been discouraged concerning our results or the lack thereof. We have all tried to search for the motivation to get back on track and to STAY on track consistently. Today I want to remind you why you started taking this challenge with me in the first place & explain why you should stay on track. I pray that the following will motivate you to eat healthier, exercise and/or lose weight if needed to get to a healthy BMI. Here are the some of the benefits below:

1) Your health picture will improve:

A) Reduce High Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar Levels, Cholesterol

B) Increases Fertility in Women impacted by PCOS

C) Prevent or Reverse Type 2 Diabetes

D) Reduce the risk for developing Strokes, Cancer & Heart Attacks

E) Improves Sleep Apnea

F) Improves breathing

G) Reduces the risk of developing other chronic diseases that are obesity related

2) You will live a longer & fuller life

A) Increase your probability of living long enough to see your children, grandchildren and your  great grandchildren grow up

B) You will have more energy and will be able to remain active & travel freely without constraints

C) Reduction of the need for medicine & physical therapy ( save money too!)

D) Be a great example & model for your children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, family members & friends

E) Save money in the long run since you will not need as much medicine or Hospital/Surgical visits

3) Boost in your mental/emotional health

A) Exercising actually helps you to relieve stress and tension

B) Increases your self-esteem & outlook on life

C) Reduces the risk for developing depression and brightens your mood

4) Bring God glory with our Bodies!

Our bodies were given to us by God. We only get one so let’s do our best to get in shape & stay in shape by being a good steward over it.

With God’s help, a made up mind & consistency You CAN do it! I’m rooting for you!!!

Let’s Get it!

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It’s Time For Our 2nd Weigh In For February 2017!!! — February 21, 2017

It’s Time For Our 2nd Weigh In For February 2017!!!

Happy Monday Everyone! It’s day 20 of our 30 day challenge! Weigh in first thing tomorrow morning and let me know how you are progressing. Either respond to this post or send me a personal message at In addition to your progress I want to know what is your food & exercise plan for this week?

I want to hear from you! Remember this if you fail to plan then you plan to fail! So get the plan done and let’s make the last 8 days of this month’s challenge great, healthy and active!!! I’m praying and believing for your success this week! Let’s get it!!!

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What Is Your Plan? Execute It!!! — February 10, 2017

What Is Your Plan? Execute It!!!

TGIF Everyone!!! It’s day 10 of our February 30 day challenge! Today is our 1st weigh in day for this month! We will do a total of 3 weigh ins (once every 10 days) during this month’s challenge.  So weigh in first thing this morning or tomorrow morning and let me know how you are doing!!!

Question? What breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner plan do you have for today? What is your exercise plan? Respond to this post with your food and exercise plan. This weekend I want you to write down your goals/plan for next week. Get your organic/Non-GMO shopping in and execute the plan next week! Results won’t come unless you execute. Get it in! 🙌

Remember this if you fail to plan then you indeed plan to fail! So get that plan out on paper or on your Smartphone and/or tablet and let’s make the next 10 days of this challenge great, healthy and active!!! I’m praying and believing for your success next week! Let’s get it!!!

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The Power Of ONE! #30DayChallenge  — February 3, 2017

The Power Of ONE! #30DayChallenge 

#TGIF Everyone! How is this week going for you? It is day 3 of our #30DayChallenge and I want to know what is that #ONE thing you will relentlessly commit to change that will help you meet your goals for this month? Here are some examples to choose from:

1) No processed foods

2) Eat Organic

3) Eat Non-GMO

4) Exercise (3-5 days per week)

5) Sleep 8 hours daily

6) Eliminate stress

7) Eat more vegetables

8) No sugar outside of fruit

9) Stay away from artificial sweeteners

10) No sodas this month

11) No fast food this month

12) Track all of my meals in #MyFitnessPal

13) Commit to getting at least 10,000 steps daily

14) Get a #Fitbit or another fitness tracker & use it daily!

15) Whole30 food plan

16) Paleo food plan

17) Intermittent Fasting

18) Get an accountability partner to help me stay on track

19) Join a gym – #PlanetFitness #AnytimeFitness #FitnessConnection #9Round #GoldsGym #CrossFit #WorkoutAnytime #LAFitness #OrangetheoryFitness etc…

20) Go to a dietitian or a nutritionist to get a customized food plan.

21) Go to the doctor for a full physical (including blood work) to find out my full health status and make adjustments based on the results.

Respond to this post with the #ONE thing you will change and be committed to for the rest of this month! Sometimes we can get lost in the details of a #30DayChallenge but if you will at least focus on mastering #ONE thing this month, then you will begin to truly make some real & permanent progress. ONE step at a time, ONE day at a time… Let’s get it!

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Make today GREAT & HEALTHY! 

Monica Akerele

Are You Ready To Get It In This Month? — February 2, 2017

Are You Ready To Get It In This Month?

Welcome to a NEW month and a NEW 30 day challenge for the month of February! I don’t know about you but January went by way too fast! How did things go for you last month? Did you make some new years resolutions or set some goals for this year? Were you able to execute them without falling off of the wagon? Well my dear whether you did or not today is a new day and a new month so let’s do a RESET!!! Forget what happened in January and renew your faith for this month. Get back on plan and let’s do what needs to be done to get closer to meeting our goals. 

This month I really want to focus on eating more Organic/Non-GMO foods and staying away from foods that cause inflammation in the body. Inflammation actually makes it harder for you to lose weight. So here is a food plan that focuses on reducing inflammation by focusing on eating anti-inflammatory foods, its called Whole30. If you really want to go hard with me this month then check it out. I’ll be doing a combination of this and intermittent fasting. Check out the Whole30 food list/program here: Whole30-program-rules !!!!

Whatever food plan or eating pattern you plan to do this month please stay committed to getting 7-8 hrs of sleep daily, exercising 3-5 days a week, reducing stress and staying away from processed & GMO foods. Collectively it will truly make a big difference in your overall health! 

Let’s get it! 

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New 30 Day Challenge Starts Tomorrow!!! — February 1, 2017

New 30 Day Challenge Starts Tomorrow!!!

The goal for this challenge is to eat clean that means no processed foods and to eat organic/Non-GMO food as much as possible but if its not possible for you to buy organic just stick to whole foods/eating clean. Here are the acceptable foods for this challenge:

1) Lean meats including chicken, turkey, lean cuts of beef and pork that are organic or free from hormones, preservatives, antibiotics & steriods. Turkey or Pork Bacon with no Nitrites or Nitrates. Target, Trader Joes, Whole Foods Market, Healthy Home Market, Fresh Market and EarthFare sells this. You can also have organic brown eggs. Aldi sells their organic eggs for $3.49 a dozen. This is the best price I’ve seen to date outside of Costco.

2) Organic/Non GMO Vegetables (fresh or frozen – no canned vegetables)

3) Fruit 1-2 per day (Do not eat this after 4pm)

4) Beans, peas, organic/Non-GMO hummus (limit to once per day or for better results leave it out completely)

5) Nuts (almonds, cashews, macadamia, walnuts) and Seeds (chia and flax seeds – You can add these to your smoothies)

6) Drinks: Water, unsweetened organic/Non-GMO almond milk, coconut milk or organic vegan protein for a breakfast shake or smoothie, black coffee and hot green, black, or white tea. You can drink coffee or tea without a sweetener or you can use 1-2 teaspoons of agave nector as your sweetener. But limit it to once per day. On this challenge I want to totally eliminate all artificial sweeteners as studies suggest that they can be harmful to your health & possibly cause cancer. Strive to drink at least 1 gallon of water per day or more.

I also recommend 2 other diet plans/programs:

Paleo: Paleo-diet-food-list

Whole30: Whole30 program – I recommend this one for those of you who have tried everything to no avail and/or may be experiencing a weight loss hump or plateau.

I’ve tried both and they do work. I will go into detail in future posts about these and other programs that may be beneficial for you to incorporate into your healthy lifestyle.

7) Sleep at least 6-9 hours per day (depending on your age)

8) Exercise at least 3-5 days per week for 30-60 minutes per session.

9) Integrate some intermittent fasting. I have adopted this way of eating and it has definitely worked for me. Check out for more details on this eating pattern. I will go more in depth on this in future posts.

I’m praying for your success on this challenge! Let’s get it!!!

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