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Final Weigh In For Our January 2017 30 Day Challenge! — January 30, 2017

Final Weigh In For Our January 2017 30 Day Challenge!

Happy Monday! Today is the last day of our January challenge!!! So you know what that means! Tomorrow is our final weigh in! Weigh in first thing tomorrow morning and let me know how you did! Are you ready for our next 30 day challenge? The next one begins on Wednesday, February 1st! I will share the details of the challenge tomorrow! I will be adding an option that is more hard-core for those of you who have reached a plateau in your weight loss!!! I hope you will join me! Make this week healthy & active! I look forward to hearing from you tomorrow!

Let’s get it! 

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Weigh In Today!  — January 24, 2017

Weigh In Today! 

Happy Tuesday Everyone! It’s day 24 of our 30 day challenge! Weigh in first thing this morning or tomorrow morning and let me know how you are progressing. Either respond to this post or send me a personal message at In addition to your progress I want to know what is your breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner plan for this week? What is your exercise plan? 

Go ahead and write down your goals/plan for the rest of the week and execute the plan! Remember this if you fail to plan then you inadvertently plan to fail! So get that plan out on paper or on your Smartphone/Tablet and let’s make this final week of the challenge great, healthy and active!!! I’m praying and believing for your success this week! Let’s get it!!!

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Please Buy Organic or Non-GMO. Your life depends on it! Read Why Here!!! — January 14, 2017

Please Buy Organic or Non-GMO. Your life depends on it! Read Why Here!!!

Happy Saturday! It is day 14 of our 30 day challenge! Can you believe that we are almost halfway through it already? How has it been going? Have you been sticking to eating clean, exercising, getting adequate sleep and reducing stress? Well I know it is not easy but I promise you it is worth it. Get ready for our weigh in tomorrow. Weigh first thing in the morning and let me know how things are going!!!

TODAY I want to give you the tools you need to make a permanent shift to eating organic and/or Non-GMO foods. 

 Please check out this video below from Dr. Axe – & Jeffrey M. Smith –  that they published this week on YouTube. 

“GMO Side Effects with Jeffrey Smith”

For a more extensive look at why you should stay away from GMOs check this movie out on YouTube. Here is the link to it below. 

“Seeds of Death: Unveiling The Lies of GMOs”

When you watch these videos you will understand why I preach eating clean, organic and Non-GMO. Most people say to me Monica I can’t afford to eat clean, but I say you can’t afford NOT to. It’s either you change your food or you will end up on prescription meds or hospitalized for chronic diseases that have manifested in your body due to consuming GMOs and processed foods. According to various scientific research some of the effects of consuming GMOs are as follows cancer, tumors, infertility, reproductive issues, endocrine dysfunction, thyroid dysfunction, ADHD, Autism and so much more. Click the following link for a more extensive list of the impacts of GMOs on your health:

Please make the switch! As I stated in the title of this post your life depends on it! 

For your convenience I have included below a link to the list of the GMO foods to avoid and helpful shopping tips to avoid GMO products. Also look for organic and Non-GMO food labels like this.

Let’s go!

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Get Inspired To Meet Your #Goals TODAY!  — January 9, 2017

Get Inspired To Meet Your #Goals TODAY! 

Happy Monday!!!! It’s Day 9 of our #30DayChallenge how are things going? I hope you are staying on track and doing what is necessary to meet your goals! For a reminder of what the challenge is go to for the details! Guess what? I’m inspired today! Let me tell you why. I saw on Time Warner Cable News that a 93 year old woman, Harriette Thompson(will be turning 94 in March) is training to run in a marathon. She has had cancer 3 times and is still training for another marathon. She set the record for being the oldest woman to ever run in a marathon when she was 92 years old. To her age is truly nothing but a number!

What things do you need to push through to get up, active and focused on meeting your goals? Let this inspirational story inspire you to not give up, to keep pressing forward and to achieve the goals you have set for yourself. Nothing is impossible for you if you believe and put your faith to work! Read her story in the Charlotte Observer link below.

Let’s go!!! 🙌

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What’s On Your Plate??!! — January 6, 2017

What’s On Your Plate??!!

TGIF! Happy Friday! So how are things going this week? What are you doing TODAY to reach your optimal weight, fitness and/or health goals? What is on your plate today? Respond and post breakfast, lunch, snacks, & dinner pics today. Let’s hold eachother accountable for success! Much #love to everyone! Make today #healthy, active & GREAT!!! 💯

Let’s get it! 

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What Is Your Vision For 2017?  — January 5, 2017

What Is Your Vision For 2017? 

Happy Thursday! It is day 5 of our 30 day challenge and I don’t know about you but I am EXCITED about this month’s challenge! What about you? Today’s blog is about vision and how important it is when you are making decisions about your health or anything that you want to accomplish in life. You have to see in your mind’s eye exactly what you want the end goal to be before you begin this process. When I began my weight loss journey in 2013 all I knew was I wanted to get out of the 200s!!! Once I had a vision of what I wanted I could then begin to set goals that would eventually get me to my desired weight or BMI. What goals have you set so far? Goals are necessary so it can move you forward. My goal is to lose at least 2  pounds a week. Which would mean I would lose 8 pounds a month and in 6 months time a net weight loss of 48 pounds. As you can see measuring your progress is important so we will have a weekly weigh in so we can measure how much weight we have lost. 

How do you ensure you meet your weekly goal? A good way to do that is to leverage the MyFitnessPal app on your computer, iPhone/iPad or on any Android device. Another good tool is to get a Fitbit tracking device and to use the Fitbit app to track your meals and exercise daily. This helps you to stay on track so you won’t go over your allotted calories for the day. Measuring has been key to my weight loss success. Remember this you cannot manage what you do not measure so this is really important! I know at times it may seem overwhelming to implement these processes but I promise you it’s well worth your time. This is your life, you are valuable, you have a divine purpose to fulfill daily and the world needs you to be able to show up daily to get it done! Being healthy ensures that you will be able to show up and be ultra productive! So what is your vision for your health? What goals will you set to get there? What measuring tool will you use to ensure you meet your goals weekly? I know these are tough questions but you are worth the work, you are worth the answer, you are worth the outcome this work will produce! Invest in you & love yourself enough to implement these processes and move YOUR vision forward. Let’s get it! 🙌

Make today great & healthy!

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Did You #Exercise Today?  — January 2, 2017

Did You #Exercise Today? 

Happy Monday! It’s Day 2 of our 30 Day Challenge & now It’s time for the EXERCISE CHECK IN! Who got it in today and what exercises did you do? I went to Planet Fitness today with my sister Latonya Gaines-Montgomery! I was strapped with my Fitbit device and I was excited to get my 1st work out in for 2017! We started with a 10 minute warm-up on the treadmill, then we did about 30 minutes circuit training and then we finished up with 15 minutes on the ellliptical trainer! 55 minutes total!! 

If you haven’t exercised yet tell me what exercises you are going to do tonight! No matter how small get in at least 20-30 mins today. Something is better than nothing but tomorrow I want you to be intentional about getting it in! You are WORTH it!!!

Let’s Get It!

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AreYou In? Our 2017 #30DayChallenge Starts TODAY! Let’s get it!!! — January 1, 2017

AreYou In? Our 2017 #30DayChallenge Starts TODAY! Let’s get it!!!

Happy & Healthy New Year Everyone! I’m so excited about starting this 2017 with you on this #30DayChallenge! Many of you have called, texted, or messaged me on Facebook about starting the new year off right with me by being a part of this challenge! I’m so encouraged and excited about you being a part of this awesome #30DayChallenge team! 

With that being said this is going to be an AWESOME year! A year full of breakthrough, goals met, health issues ceasing because of the decision you have made to eat clean, exercise, eliminate stress in your life and committing to getting more sleep! If you are still on the fence about starting this challenge do what you can. Start small by committing to exercising at least 30 minutes or more per day for at least 5 days per week and by eliminating all processed foods. 

Let me know if you are with me by responding to this post or by sending me a personal message by saying, I’M IN! Click on my #blog website link below for the #30DayChallenge details! 

Let’s get it in my friends! 2017 is going to be your best, blessed & healthiest year ever! 💯🙌

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